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to call his huge belly "the chippies' playground." Cadillac

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On the Road to Benares--Dust and Waiting--The Bejeweled Crowd--A Native

to call his huge belly

Prince and his Guard--Zenana Lady--The Extremes of Fashion--The Hotel at

to call his huge belly

Benares--An Annex a Mile Away--Doors in India--The Peepul Tree--Warning

to call his huge belly

against Cold Baths--A Strange Fruit--Description of Benares--The

Beginning of Creation--Pilgrims to Benares--A Priest with a Good Business

Stand--Protestant Missionary--The Trinity Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu--

Religion the Business at Benares

Benares a Religious Temple--A Guide for Pilgrims to Save Time in Securing

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